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About Greater St. Luke Baptist Church

Image by Aaron Burden

In 1910, a group of African American Christian pioneers began having regular prayer meets in the home of Sister Margaret Jones located on the 900 block of Tobacco Street (now known as Catawba Street).  As the membership increased, the congregation decided  to build a church to accommodate their growth.


On January 12, 1920 the group purchased land from Reverend Seymour Jones, Jake Collier and Charles Bush located at the 300 block of Gate Street (now known as Park Street).  The church was named Saint Luke Missionary Baptist Church with Reverend E. D. Gallman as Pastor.  The following ministries were organized: Jubilee Choir in 1927 Usher Ministry/Senior Ushers in 1931.


Around 1932, the church learned that it was built on property owners by South Carolina & Gas Company.  The tent was destroyed by wind and the congregation, once again, moved to an existing church in the ten hundred block of Green Street and rented it.  Reverend J. W. Matthews became the Pastor.

From 1940-1960 Reverend J, S. Gordon was Pastor, which at the time the church was in need of major repairs.


From 1960-1984 Reverend J. Alfred Peters became Pastor.  Under Rev. Peters the church grew tremendously.  In 1976 the property at the corner of Farrow Rd and Standish Street was purchased for a parking lot.  In 1981, the Mass Choir released its first album, "Help Me Lift Jesus", featuring Reverend J. Alfred Peters singing his favorite song, "Is He Yours?"  Reverend Peters served as Pastor until September 1984.


From 1985-1997 Reverend Douglass E. Franklin, a bold and uncompromising teacher became Pastor.  During his tenure in 1985, the following were added to meet the diverse needs of an increasing congregation.

    Benevolence Ministry

    Youth Committee

    Scholarship Committee

    Boy Scouts and Cub Scouts


From 1998 - Present Reverend Michael H. Baker he instituted a new language toward ministry by changing the terms "Board, Committee, Club and Auxiliary" to Ministry. 

In September 1998, Greater St. Luke held its first Congress of Christian Education Workshops. This was the first GSL became affiliated with the National Baptist Congress of Christian Education Convention. In the same year, at the Church's 88th Anniversary, Deacon M.L. Smith was presented the first Vision Award for member of the year and Sister Edith P. Jones was presented the first Epiphany Award for her continuous dedication and contributions to the church.

It is by the grace of God that the Greater St. Luke Baptist Church has journeyed over 100 years. The officers and members of Greater St. Luke are appreciative to all the individuals who have contributed to the work of this great ministry and recognize that the mission assigned has not been completed. GSLBC continues to extends its arm to meet the needs of the community and creates a Christian and diverse environment for ministry, spiritual growth and educational opportunities. Therefore, the church must stay the course and finish the race that has been laid before the foundation, always looking to Jesus the author and finisher of our faith. 

Greater St. Luke Baptist Church (The Luke) is the church with the warm welcome.

Image by Kelly Sikkema
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